Hexagonal Automatic Tent – Your Ultimate Camping Companion

Tent fabric  210D silver rubber oxford cloth
Tent poles  automatic glass fibre poles
Product weight  3.8KG/4.4KG
Unfolding size  240*240*138 280*280*155(L*W*H) CM
Packing size  76*16*16/87*17*17
Product function  single use, not detachable
Colour Beige with coffee
Product features  standard version of lightweight, sunscreen and other features, suitable for park play


Product Description

Hexagonal Automatic Tent – Your Ultimate Camping Companion (1)

Are you tired of struggling with complicated tent setups that leave you exhausted before your camping trip even begins? Look no further! Our Hexagonal Automatic Tent is here to revolutionize your camping experience. With its innovative design, high-quality materials, and advanced features, this tent is your ticket to hassle-free and comfortable outdoor adventures.

Product Features:

Liquid-Elastic Automatic Bracket: The Hexagonal Automatic Tent boasts a cutting-edge liquid-elastic automatic bracket system. All it takes is a minimal lifting effort, equivalent to lifting a bottle of mineral water, and the seventh-generation liquid-elastic device takes care of the rest. Say goodbye to the stress and fatigue of setting up traditional tents – save your energy and focus on other camping preparations.

High-Density Anti-Mosquito Screen: This tent features high-density anti-mosquito screen windows and door curtains. Whether you're enjoying a gentle breeze or keeping pesky insects at bay, you can sleep soundly and wake up refreshed. It's all about providing you with a comfortable outdoor camping experience.

Spacious Interior: The Hexagonal Automatic Tent offers an expansive interior space. Its unique hexagonal shape maximizes ventilation and natural freshness from all six sides. Enjoy the feeling of openness and connection with nature while staying sheltered and secure.

Sunshade Door: The foyer design of the tent includes a sunshade door, which can be opened to create a gazebo-style shelter. Protect yourself from the elements – whether it's wind or rain – and maintain your comfort while enjoying the great outdoors.

Anti-Dewdrop Cover: Crafted from 210D Oxford cloth, the tent's cover effectively blocks dewdrops, fog, and moisture at night. You can rest easy, knowing you'll enjoy a dry and healthy sleep inside.

Application Scenarios

Our Hexagonal Automatic Tent is built to last. It combines durability with functionality to ensure your camping trips are nothing short of spectacular. Here's what sets it apart:

Sunproof Black Technology: The tent's fabric incorporates sunproof black technology, providing excellent protection against harmful UV rays. Stay safe from the sun's harsh rays while enjoying the outdoors.

Thickened Rainproof Fabric: The tent's rainproof fabric is thicker and more reliable than ever. It keeps you dry and cozy, even during heavy downpours, making it a true four-season tent.

This Hexagonal Automatic Tent is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. We believe that a good tent leads to a better camping experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature without unnecessary hardships. Say goodbye to frustrating setups and hello to effortless camping adventures with our Hexagonal Automatic Tent.

Whether you're a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or a novice camper, this tent is designed for you. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make your camping trips more enjoyable and stress-free. Experience the Hexagonal Automatic Tent – the tent that truly lets you enjoy the beauty of nature as you like it.

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Hexagonal Automatic Tent – Your Ultimate Camping Companion (8)
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