Explorer Oxford Cloth Spring Wildness Tent

Size 300X240X200cm  300X300X200cm
External 210G Polyester Cotton Fabric/300D Oxford Fabric Waterproof/Dampproof/Mould Proof
Internal  540G Waterproof Pvc   Pu5000Mm
Trestle Materials  19-28Mm*1.2Mm Iron Tube


Product Description

Explorer Oxford Cloth Spring Wildness Tent (8)

The "Spring Tent" is a versatile outdoor shelter designed to provide comfort and protection in various camping and outdoor settings. This product offers a perfect balance of durability, functionality, and ease of use, making it an ideal choice for adventurers, campers, and nature enthusiasts.

Product Parameters:

Size: The Spring Tent is available in two sizes, measuring 300x240x200cm and 300x300x200cm. These size options allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs, whether you're camping solo, with a partner, or in a larger group.

External Fabric: The tent's external shell is crafted from high-quality 210G polyester cotton fabric or 300D Oxford fabric. Both options are not only durable but also waterproof, damp-proof, and mold-proof. This ensures that you stay dry and comfortable even in wet and humid conditions.

Internal Coating: The internal part of the tent is lined with a robust 540G waterproof PVC material with a PU5000MM rating. This waterproof coating provides an extra layer of protection against rain and moisture, keeping the interior of the tent dry and cozy.

Frame: The Spring Tent features a frame constructed using 19-28mm*1.2mm iron tubes. This sturdy frame ensures the tent remains stable and secure, even in windy conditions. The frame is designed for easy assembly, so you can set up your tent quickly and hassle-free.

Application Scenario

The spring tent is versatile and adaptable for a variety of outdoor activities. Whether you are camping in the wild, attending a music festival, or enjoying a day at the beach, this tent is your perfect companion. It can withstand external elements such as rain and sunlight, while providing a comfortable space for rest and sleep.

Target users:
Spring tents are designed for a variety of user groups, including

Campers looking for a reliable waterproof tent.
Families or groups of friends looking for spacious accommodation on outdoor trips.
Festival goers who need a convenient and weatherproof campsite.
Nature lovers who like to be outdoors without losing comfort.

How to use
Our tents have a user-friendly design and are therefore very easy to set up. Please follow the general steps below:
1.Lay out the tent and assemble the frame.
2.Fix the exterior fabric to the frame.
3, Secure the tent using stakes and cables (if necessary).
4, Enjoy your comfortable and weatherproof tent.

All in all, the Spring Tent is a versatile outdoor product that offers different size options, sturdy materials and easy assembly. It meets the needs of a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts and provides reliable protection. Whether you are camping, attending festivals or simply enjoying the outdoors, the Spring Tent is a reliable and comfortable choice for your adventures.

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Explorer Oxford Cloth Spring Wildness Tent (6)
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