Stylish Four-Hump Outdoor Canopy Tent

Size 1500X830X400Cm /2000X860X450Cm/3000X1000X800Cm               
Packing Carton 100X30X30Cm
External 210G Polyester Cotton Fabric/300D Oxford Fabric Waterproof/Dampproof/Mould Proof
Internal  540G Waterproof Pvc   Pu5000Mm
Trestle Materials  38Mm*1.5Mm Iron Tube   500Cm Heigth
Weight 4.2Kgs


Product Description

Stylish Four-Hump Outdoor Canopy Tent (1)

1. LARGE PROJECTION AREA: Our tent redefines outdoor living with an expansive 70 square meters of shade. Whether you're hosting a party with 20-30 of your closest friends or simply looking for a spacious shelter for your family, this tent has you covered. The spaciousness of the tent allows you to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing comfort.

2. Impressive dome height: The tent reaches a height of 4.5 meters, creating a warm and airy atmosphere. The generous dome height not only adds to the aesthetics of the tent, but also enhances ventilation, keeping you comfortable even on warm days. This extraordinary feature enhances your outdoor experience.
3.VINYL SUNPROOF COATING: Our tents come with a vinyl sunscreen coating that provides excellent UV protection. Whether you're basking in the sun or hiding from the harsh rays, you can enjoy the protection of your tent with peace of mind.
4. ALUMINUM ALLOY ADJUSTABLE BUCKLES: The structure of the tent is reinforced by aluminum alloy adjustable buckles to ensure stability and durability. Even in harsh weather conditions, this tent is sturdy and durable, ensuring your safety and dryness.
5. REINFORCED WEAVING: The structure of the tent is made of reinforced webbing that adds an extra layer of strength and toughness. You can be confident that your tent will stand up to the rigors of outdoor adventure and provide you with a reliable shelter that will stand the test of time.
6. STORAGE POCKETS: Convenience is key to enjoying the outdoors, and our tents include storage pockets that allow you to organize your belongings with ease. Keep your camping essentials organized and easily accessible so you can spend more time making memories and less time searching for gear.

Application Scenarios

The stylish Four Hump Tent blends aesthetics and function to enhance your outdoor experience. Whether you're planning a great outdoor party or seeking a cozy retreat in the wilderness, this tent offers the perfect combination of shade, space and style.
Incorporate our stylish four-hump tents into your outdoor lifestyle and enhance your adventure experience. Whether you're planning an unforgettable gathering or seeking solace in nature, this tent offers the perfect blend of style and function. Enjoy the aesthetics of outdoor living while you revel in the comfort and spaciousness of our extraordinary tents. It's time to embrace outdoor living like never before.

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Stylish Four-Hump Outdoor Canopy Tent (2)
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