Outdoor Camping Round Inflatable Tent

Size 300x210x200cm           
Air column 0.5mm pvc/tpu
External 210g polyester cotton fabric/300d oxford fabric/pvc tarpaulin
Internal  Soft khaki yarn mesh   
Waterproof bottom fabric 0.4mm tarpaulin 


Product Description

Outdoor Camping Round Inflatable Tent (6)

Universal Tent

This tent is perfect for all outdoor sports enthusiasts and is suitable for camping in all weather conditions. People of medium height can stand upright anywhere inside the tent. One of the walls at the front of the tent can be opened to create a roof with a mosquito net. This area can be used as a dining room or terrace.


Suitable for four-season camping

This is a four-season tent that protects against the sun in summer and snow, frost and wind in winter. The tent is suitable for year-round camping.


Durable and reliable material

The tent frame is made of the aerospace alloy B95T1: a durable, high-strength material that recovers its initial shape even after being subjected to heavy pressure. The patented tent frame opening mechanism is also made of a special aerospace alloy, which increases the durability and corrosion resistance of the entire tent frame. The tent is made of strong, innovative, waterproof material Oxford 300 PU 4000 with an inner layer made of soft khaki gauze mesh. The air space between the two layers greatly reduces condensation and effectively retains internal heat.

Product Benefits

Ease Of Installation
Installation Only In Five Minutes.

Auxiliary Equipment
Fixing Equipment Is Free Of Charge With The Tent.

Wind Resistance
It Is Resistant To 9 Bft Wind (80 Km/h).

The Outer Awning And The Floor Are Completely Waterproof.

You Can Intervene Immediately With The Repair Kit, Which Is Available Free Of Charge With The Tent.

Add Wire Outlets:Air Conditioning Outlets And Storage Bags
Handbag , Repair Materials, Wind Rope, Ground Nail , Hand Pump

Outdoor Camping Round Inflatable Tent (5)
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