Charming Carrot Inflatable Tent – Childlike, Cute, and Spring-inspired Design

Size 300x210x200cm           
Air column 0.5mm pvc/tpu
External 210g polyester cotton fabric/300d oxford fabric/pvc tarpaulin
Internal  Soft khaki yarn mesh   
Waterproof bottom fabric 0.4mm tarpaulin 


Product Description

Charming Carrot Inflatable Tent - Childlike, Cute, and Spring-inspired Design (1)

Introducing the enchanting Carrot Inflatable Tent, a delightful fusion of childlike wonder and the vibrancy of spring. Standing at an impressive 1.7 meters tall, this whimsical tent is designed to capture hearts and ignite imaginations. With its generous dimensions of 230 x 230 x 170cm, it offers a spacious interior that's both comfortable and uplifting, ensuring your experience is nothing short of magical.

Safety and convenience reign supreme with the Carrot Inflatable Tent. Equipped with an automatic air release valve, it guarantees a worry-free setup by preventing over-inflation and the potential for unexpected bursts. Crafted from TPU air column explosion-proof cloth, the tent's air columns boast independent connections that enhance durability while remaining non-toxic, odorless, and remarkably heat-resistant. This dedication to safety is reinforced by the possession of four international authoritative certifications, affirming its status as a haven free from hazards.

Unveil a world of possibilities with the extra-large canopy, which serves as an expansive projection screen. Its double-layer silver-coated UPF50+ fabric not only provides ample shade but also ensures that your outdoor adventures are paired with captivating visuals. Let your creativity flow as you enjoy outdoor movie nights or share heartwarming memories beneath this versatile canopy.


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As a token of appreciation, we include a high-pressure manual inflatable pump that effortlessly brings the tent to life within 30 seconds no external power source needed. To amplify the joy, the Carrot Inflatable Tent comes adorned with four high-color small flags, enveloping you and your loved ones in an atmosphere of playful delight. Furthermore, the oversized sunshade doubles as a projection cloth, adding a touch of innovation to your outdoor escapades.

Immerse yourself in the world of the Carrot Inflatable Tent, where charm, comfort, and safety harmonize seamlessly. Rediscover the joy of spring through the eyes of a child, and embrace the boundless adventures that await within this captivating sanctuary. Elevate your outdoor experiences with a tent that's not just a structure but a gateway to a realm of imagination and joy.

Charming Carrot Inflatable Tent - Childlike, Cute, and Spring-inspired Design (2)
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